Thursday, 29 March 2012

My MAC cremeblend and cream colour base swatches.

Hey my gorgeous glitterati.

I've decided to swatch all my MAC blush products for you, but I'm going to be breaking it into two separate post - One for cream products and one for powder .... Simples :)

Today's post is going to focus on my cremeblend blushes and cream colour bases.

Pictures first, details later because everyone likes to have a good look first :)

Ok so we have left to right in first pictures and bottom to top in the second picture :

  • Improper Copper cream colour base - My first ever MAC cream product. The cream colour base formula is basically multi use, use it anywhere you want. This shade is perfect for putting under a powder blush to just make the blush sheen and your cheeks glow with health.
  • Virgin Isle cream colour base - My hold grail of cheek products, I can't say enough good things about this colour. I've recently pulled it out of my drawer again because of the fantastic Summer like weather we've been having - It's just the most gorgeous coral that makes you look amazing, I'm using this one sparingly as it was part of a collection and is therefore discontinued

The cream colour base formula is lovely and is so blendable, but I do almost always set it with a little powder, translucent or a similar colour, just to stop it running off my crazy oily skin.

  • Posey cremeblend blush - This is a warm peach that looks beautiful and natural when applied to the skin.
  • Restores dazzle cremeblend blush - A gorgeous deep magenta plum that is part of the current Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection.
  • Something special cremeblend blush - A light peachy coral. Again absolutely gorgeous for the Spring / Summer, I'm just naturally drawn to this sort of shade when the sun gets his hat on.
I've never really been a fan of creamy products on my skin, because I'm so oily, they've always slipped off in no time at all. But with the cremeblend blushes, my mind has most definitely been changed, they provide great coverage and a lovely dewy finish which most importantly STAYS PUT, even on me.

I'll get round to doing my powder blushes really soon I promise (there's a lot more of them hehehe). But in the meantime, can you recommend anymore shades for me or a different brand of cream blush that I just need to know about - I'm a makeup junkie, I'm open to any suggestions there are :)

Take care and love to all xox

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