Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC collective haul.

Well what a way to welcome myself back to the land of blogging :) A massive Howdy to all you gorgeous glitterati.

I just HAD to do this haul as my first post in a while because I haven't been THIS excited about a MAC collection since Hello Kitty way back when. The Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection just screamed "me" from the second I saw the promotional images.

I began my saving every penny possible regime, I sold some bits and pieces and got the cash together to buy everything I wanted.

Initially Selfridges got the collection 2 weeks before the actual MAC online release date of March 1st, so I got everything I could from Selfridges, then waited 2 weeks to get the rest of my lusts from MAC online.

I'll post a picture of my collective haul from both purchases and tell you a little bit about each item. I can promise you now, I wasn't disappointed with one single thing from this collection, I adore it all and I'm wearing it to death at the minute so apologies for the used items in the picture. I literally couldn't wait to try them before taking any pictures, I'm such a girl!!!

I'm still excited even looking at the picture :) That's how much of a makeup junkie I am!!!

Swatches next :

Excuse the blatant toilet roll in the background, oops, I'm such a professional!!

Anyhooooo, top to bottom on my arm we have as follows :

  • Quick sizzle Lipstick (Matte) - The most gorgeous shocking hot pink, pretty similar to girl about town on me but obviously matte. I'm a huge fan of the matte formulations, but they are very dry and will show every flaw in all it's glory - So make sure your lips are in tip top condition when using these.
  • Dish it up Lipstick (Lustre) - Ooooo so gorgeous, sheeny shinny plummy purple. Looks much darker in the tube than it does on, but that's always the way with lustre formula's. I haven't got anything like this in my collection.
  • Naughty Saute Lipstick (Cremesheen) - Very much a shot in the dark for me, I'm all about the bright deep dark shades, whereas this is a complete bubblegum barbie pink with very high pigmentation and gloss so it's not for the faint hearted. I've tried it on and love it surprisingly, it's always good to have something a bit different at your disposal.
  • Runaway red Lipstick (Satin) - Beautiful almost matte cherry toned red, I adore my reds and this one is no exception, it's verging on wine and looks fantastic with a subtle eye makeup.
  • Added goodness fluidline - A deep intense brown shade with golden sheen throughout. The fluidlines are THE best liner for your waterline in my opinion, they just don't budge and this is a perfect shade for those who don't like the harshness of black.
  • Midnight snack fluidline - Black with silver sparkle throughout.
  • Restores dazzle cremeblend blush - My first venture into the cremeblend blush world and I'm loving it. This shade is a deep intense pinky wine but can easily start off sheer and be build up to your desired intensity. The formula is amazing, not too shiny which is perfect for my oily skin, and it just stays put all day long. A new obsession begins!!
  • Hot & Saucy tendertone - I wish I'd got all 4 of the tendertones in this collection. I've had a couple in the past and I knew I loved them but I only got one this time round as I had purchased so many lipsticks :( This is a gorgeous strawberry red, the balm is so slick and moisturising and is scented like strawberry kiwi. Obviously they don't last all day as they're only a balm, but for that little "pop" of colour when you don't want full on in your face lipstick, these cannot be beaten.
Well that's it - I have the watch me simmer lipstick on the way and I'll add an edit onto this post when it arrives.

I love everything about this collection, the outer packaging was cute (although it'll just be thrown away as it's only a sleeve, not the actual product casing), the products were diverse and the colours just spoke to me and said "buy me".

Did you pick up anything from this collection, anything you're going to pick up? Be warned, MAC online is sold out of a lot of the collection already, but ALWAYS check, Debenhams, Selfridges and House of Fraser too - I've been sneakily looking this morning to see where still has the tendertones (Selfridges does at the time of posting).

More posts coming up soon, including Maybelline color tattoo swatches and MAC Viva glam Nicki Minaj swatches too.

Take care, love to all xox

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