Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Revlon lip butters and Stila love at first blush palette.

Ahoy there gorgeous glitterati :)

I'm in a super duper mood today, the sun is shining and I just generally feel very perky so I thought I'd make the most of the jolly happy me and write a blog post :)

I have for you today a few things I've acquired recently and I'll be starting off with the much blogged / hyped Revlon Colorburst lip butters. I've never known something "drugstore" to be so eagerly anticipated by so many people, it makes a nice change for the most desired products to be completely affordable.

I tried to purchase these when the pre-sale on Boots went live, but every colour I wanted had sold out and I didn't see much point in buying another colour just for the sake of it - So I hit eBay. I found a lovely seller, based in the US who was selling all shades for a very reasonable price, so I bought 6 colours with some money I had in paypal.

The Colours I got are left to right in all these pictures : Candy Apple, Red Velvet, Sugar Frosting, Raspberry Pie, Tutti Fruiti and Lollipop.

Well what can I say ........ I get the hype now, I'm in love with these babies. The formula is just gorgeous - Smooth, creamy and moisturising, yet packed full of pigmentation.

I picked 5 shades that packed a lot of punch, and then I chose Sugar Frosting as a top coat really, to go over any other lipstick to give that little extra oomph.

The staying power isn't bad actually considering they are basically a balm like consistency, maybe 3 hours wear on me before I need to reapply - I also just reapply directly from the tube, no mirror required, they're just so smooth and easy to glide on, you really can't go wrong.

At the minute, Lollipop and Candy Apple are my favourite shades, but this could easily change on a trip to Boots / Superdrug to investigate the other shades ..... For blogging purposes of course ;) Red Velvet is a shade that you can't get in the UK, but you can always try eBay if you like that one. They are £7.99 each and are currently on 2 for £10 in Boots.

Now onto the Stila love at first blush palette - I'll happily admit I'm fickle as fickle can be, I saw this on a couple of other blogs, loved the design and without even looking at swatches I convinced my lovely OH to buy it for me. £12 from Feel Unique including postage Link

Onto the pictures :

Left to right is top, middle and bottom of the palette - Then all 3 blended together.
The blusher is so pretty to look at, I adore the cute design. I also love the fact that there are 3 strips of colour ranging from light to dark meaning you can custom blend your own shade by using them individually or swirling your brush into all three.

The texture of the blush is lovely and smooth, the middle (medium) shades is the only matte shade, the other two have definite shimmer - Another winner for me. I am actually a total sucker for pink blush anyway, but I've used some awful formulas in my time and this is not one of them, it really is very lovely indeed.

Swatches on me of the Stila love at first blush palette and the Revlon lip butter in Lollipop :

That's it for my little mini haul. Have you got anything else you'd like to see? Please feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Take care and love to all xox

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