Tuesday, 13 March 2012

LOTD - MAC Violetta layered with Dish It Up.

Hey there once again gorgeous glitterati :)

I have another lip of the day for today - I managed to take pictures of all my Maybelline Color Tattoos last night, so I should be doing that blog post very soon!!

But while I'm in the mood to blog - I thought I'd do another super quick LOTD.

Today I wanted purple, I don't know why ..... I just get these crazy vibes that choose a shade for me :) So here we have MAC's Violetta (Amplified finish - Creamy and Intense) layered with MAC's Dish It Up (Lustre - Glossy and Semi Sheer).

Dish it up top, Violetta bottom.
The result of the two layered together is a somewhat deep fuschia purple and I love it. I very rarely wear Violetta as it's so purple and intense, it's more of a special occasion shade to me - But after layering it with Dish It Up, I'm really impressed.

Dish It Up is a lustre, which therefore provides you with a super shiny sheer hue, which pairs brilliantly with an Amplified finish such as Violetta as it just tones it down slightly and give a less harsh, more glossy finish.

Do you have any requests? I'm happy to blog on almost anything and I'm thoroughly enjoying rambling about what I love, I'll just continue as I am unless I get anyspecific requests - Feel free as always to let me know.

Take care and love to all xox

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