Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Mini review and swatches ............ FINALLY

Well hi there gorgeous glitterati :)

I'm so sorry this post has been such a long time coming, I slap my own wrist and tell myself I'm naughty!!

But here it is, the very exciting, long awaited Maybelline Color Tattoos.


Top Row (left to right) : Tenacious Teal, Audacious Asphalt and Bad to the Bronze.
Bottom row (left to right) : Too Cool, Pomegranate Punk and Painted Purple.

As you can see, in the actual packaging these are not at all dissimilar to the MAC paint pots, which I adore, so these little beauties had a lot to live up to when I was trying them out..

What I will say is that they are in my humble opinion, just as good as the MAC paint pots, if not even better because of the lovely bright colour range available. MAC have brought out bright colours in the past, but they're not part of the permanent line so they're a nightmare to get hold of and that's only if you're willing to brave eBay.

Top to bottom : Tenacious Teal, Audacious Asphalt, Bad to the Bronze, Too Cool, Pomegranate Punk and Painted Purple.

You can quite clearly see from the swatches just how pigmented these babies are, and I just love something that doesn't require constant building up just to get a little colour payoff.

I have been testing these out and I genuinely adore them, the texture is similar to the MAC paint pots, maybe just a little thicker. They're smooth and blend able, no fallout that I've witnessed and best of all, once they set after a few seconds, they don't flipping budge one bit - No creasing, no oil seeping through on the eyelids, just perfect eyeshadow / liner from day to night.

I've even used these in the waterline with no issues (not that I recommend that, just my own personal experience), I have a picture of me with Tenacious Teal in the waterline :

All the shades I have, have glitter in them except Painted Purple which is more of a shimmer. I'm missing 4 shades from the lineup which are Fierce and Tangy (orange), Tough as taupe (matte taupe), Bold Gold (true medium gold) and Edgy Emerald (gorgeous shimmery emerald green). I hope to add these 4 to my collection soon :)

These are now available in the UK, £4.99 each and currently on 3 for 2 in Superdrug, the UK names are actually different (I had these purchased for me by a great friend in the US) but the colours are the same I believe.

Personally, I suggest you get your tush to your local Superdrug / Boots (wherever else stocks them) and get swatching - These are perfect as bases, especially the Too Cool (white) shade to make your eyeshadow really pop, perfect as eye shadows in their own right when you're having a "I can't be bothered with eye makeup" day and perfect as liners. I'd give them 11 out of 10 in a survey if I could :) and at a fraction of the cost of a MAC paint pot, they're well worth a look.

Take care and love to all xox

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