Wednesday, 14 March 2012

LOTD - MAC Quick Sizzle layered with MAC Girl About Town

Well hello there gorgeous glitterati.

I'm rather on a roll with these Lip of the day posts aren't I. I promise to add something different this evening, time for some swatches and reviews me thinks!!

Anyhoooooo, on to today's Lip - I wanted pink today so I pulled out my ultimate favourite MAC lipstick EVER, Girl About Town (Amplified - Intense creamy finish) ...... Oh how I love thee. And I decided to layer it over the top of my new pink matte from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection - Quick Sizzle.

Here's the finished product and swatches :

Quick Sizzle top / Girl About Town bottom.

Girl About Town is a gorgeous shiny deep magenta / fuchsia, I adore it. The staying power alone is incredible and I just adore the colour as I'm such a crazy pink a'holic. But today I decided to layer it over Quick Sizzle which is matte, just to give the shade some further depth and extra added staying power to boot.

What's your favourite lipstick ever? Have you ever layered it with something else to create a new and even more fabulous hue?

Take care and love to all xox


  1. OOh love both of these colours! my fave is MAC fanfare

    1. Thanks :)
      See now that's just enabling me, I'm now going to have to check out fanfare if you like similar colours to me I'm going to love it x

  2. Wow, i love both the colour but especially Quick Sizzle! I'm planning on getting my first MAC lipstick, so many to choose from! Great post!
    Check out my blog? :*

    1. I'll check out your blog right now :)

      Thanks for the comment, which MAC lipstick are you going to go for first?