Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Topshop Makeup - A new found love :)

Hey hey there gorgeous glitterati.

I thought I'd do my weekend shopping haul in bits and pieces rather than all at once and overwhelm you all with pictures and me blabbing on :)

I had a fantastic weekend with my Leeds lovely and we went shopping crazy in Norwich on Saturday just gone.

One shop I was determined to visit was Topshop, the blogger world has been buzzing with details of their makeup range and I decided it was time to check these lovelies out for myself.

I picked up three items to give them a whirl :

Left to right we have the following glorious goodies :

Topshop Highlighter in "Sunbeam" £9.00

Topshop Lipstick in "Brighton Rock" £8.00

Topshop Crayon in "Sunshower" £7.50

Swatchy swatches :

Oooooooo pretty :)

The Sunbeam highlighter on the left is like a powdered version of Benefit's Moonbeam and I love it - I love goldy toned highlighters sometimes as they really warm the skin up and give you a gorgeous healthy glow.

The Brighton Rock lipstick is THE most gorgeous shade of coral pink, it's supposed to be a matte finish, but it's not drying in the least and looks fantastic in just one swipe - the swatch on my hand is literally one swipe of product, maybe I'll do a lip of the day with this tomorrow to show you how glorious it looks on the lips.

Lastly the crayon in Sunshower - These remind me of MAC shadesticks in a way, except these are a million times smoother and creamier, yet the colour payoff is just as immense. I wore this on my eyelids as a wash of colour yesterday and it wore all day long, no creasing and no budging. I'm definitely checking out the other colours available ASAP.

Overall I'm really REALLY impressed with this range, the pricing isn't cheap and isn't expensive either, it's perfectly middle of the road and worth every penny in my opinion.

Everyone has obviously heard of this range as the stand had been raided completely in Norwich, but I'll be checking it out online and maybe placing a cheeky order for a few more bits and pieces.

Have you tried anything from Topshop's makeup range, anything you want to try? Let me know :)

Take care and love to all xox


  1. Great Products ,nice Swatches ,i love the Colours!


  2. Thanks Hun :)
    The products are lovely, so pigmented and smooth. Is there anything on your wishlist?

  3. Need to get some of this in my life! Xx

    1. Yes you do madam. We're hitting that store next time we're in Norwich xx