Wednesday, 25 April 2012

LOTD - MAC Dish it up.

Hey hey hey gorgeous glitterati.

What a rubbish day, it's pouring with rain here and it doesn't look set to stop. The small silver lining should be the fact I got paid today, but I've had to put a huge chunk into savings for my holiday so I can't even splurge a little to make the day brighter! Boooooo to that.

On a much cheerier note, I've got my Dad coming to stay with me this weekend and I can't wait to see him, it's been too long. We've got lots to see and do while he's here including me having Friday and Monday off work WOOHOO. I hope you all have some exciting plans too for this upcoming dreary rainy weekend.

Anyhow onto my lip of the day, I decided I fancied purple today, but not crazy purple, so I pulled out my MAC Dish it up lipstick.

Dish it up is a Lustre finish and is a gorgeous shiny plummy purple. I know I've featured this in a lip of the day before, but I paired it with MAC Violetta which made it a much crazier deep purple shade, I really like it on it's own for a more soft subtle look.

If anyone is interested, on my cheeks today is the Topshop cream blush in Prime Time which I have also previously reviewed.

I'm still full of cold and flu, but I'm in the mood to blog - Have you guys got any requests for anything you'd like to see soon or should I just continue with the swatches and bits and pieces I'm doing at the minute?

Take care and love to all xox


  1. aaahhh! i love your glasses. you should deffo do a review on the real techniques brushes once you get them and have had a chance to use them. maybe do some spring/summer related posts! like your fave products to use and stuff like that. how your skin care changes for the season, etc. hope that helps, baby! xx

    1. Thanks, I love my glasses too :) they're so sparkly, a little touch of glam for every day.
      Spring / Summer posts are in the pipeline as we speak - I'm trialling some new skincare and I want to do a post on my fave blushes / eyeshadows / lipsticks / nail varnishes for the season too, thanks for the inspiration hunni xx