Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My perfect Spring lip combination - New MAC lipsticks :)

Hey gorgeous glitterati :)

Sorry I've been so absent for the past few days, I've had my dad over staying with me since Thursday night, so I've been having lots of much needed family time which has been lovely and I've enjoyed every second being off work and going places with my dad.

We popped into MAC at the weekend as I had some Back to MAC empties to return for my free lipstick and I picked up 2 gorgeous shades that I haven't had before.

I've only had these 2 lipsticks for 4 days now and I've already determined that the 2 layered together are my perfect Spring lip combination.

On the left is lovelorn which is a lustre finish, then on the right is Chatterbox which is an Amplified finish.

Both to me are perfect neutral pinks leaning slightly on the cooler side, but not so cool that they completely wash you out. Chatterbox pulls slightly stronger pink on me, but I imagine this is just because it's an amplified finish, so it tends to be more creamy and opaque in one swipe. Lovelorn is gorgeously smooth and glossy and gives a much sheerer finish.

The swatch on my lips is the 2 layered over the top of each other and I love this colour combination, it's got great staying power because of the amplified finish of chatterbox, but the lustre finish of lovelorn gives it the beautiful glossy shine which I adore.

I'm going to do a whole series on Spring / Summer looks and products if that's something you guys would enjoy. I do tend to gravitate towards very different shades in the Spring and Summer than I would in the Autumn and Winter, it's just a natural reaction to the change in weather. Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see and I'll get on it ASAP.

Take care and love to all xox


  1. so beautiful on you, sweets! i'm glad you enjoyed your time with your dad, too. shopping is always fun to do, huh? lol looking forward to your spring/summer looks, babe!! ;)

  2. Thanks hun :) I love this combo so very much.
    I'm doing a Spring blush post next I think, I do love a good blush!!! x