Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My top Spring blush picks.

Hey again gorgeous glitterati :)

It's officially Spring ...... whilst the UK weather currently tells us a very different story!! I hope you're having nicer weather wherever you are than I am here, it's pouring with rain AGAIN.

Needless to say the weather is pretty depressing, so I thought I'd get stuck in with another Spring blog post to keep me perky :) Who knows, the warm Spring air might be just around the corner.

I've decided to do my blush picks first, because they're my favourite thing apart from lipstick and I've definitely shown you guys enough lipsticks to last a lifetime.

As usual I'll show you my swatches first and then onto the nitty gritty details :

Left to right in the top picture and bottom to top in the bottom picture we have the following :

  • YSL Cream Blush in 5 "Fuchsia Temptation" - This is my first and only YSL blush and it's kicked in a major lemming for more. The texture of this blush is impossible to describe, it feels like a spongy mousse to me and it blends incredibly well. To me this is a gorgeous baby pink, pretty neutral toned, it doesn't lean too cool on me at all.
  • Topshop Blush in "Neon Rose" - My original blog post including this is here it's just a beautiful bright orange toned coral, it will look absolutely stunning with a tan. I can't wait to see if Topshop release more shades in this blush, because for the price you cannot beat it, the texture and blend ability are just incredible.
  • Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in "Crush" - A bright mid toned pink. The Urban Decay cream blush offering feels a lot more liquid to the touch than any of my others yet the staying power is as good as any other. This one is much more sheer, but is very buildable so you get the best of both worlds.
  • MAC Cream Colour Base in "Virgin Isle" (discontinued .. sorry) - THE most perfect hot coral, I absolutely had to include this even though it's discontinued, you could always check out eBay or Makeup Alley. Cream colour bases are so versatile too, these can be used anywhere on the face and body, but for me this is an utterly perfect Spring shade, again will be divine with a tan or on ladies with darker skin.
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in "Utterly Game" - A gorgeous peachy shade with very a subtle sheen, no chunky glitter here. You can't see the sheen in my swatch very clearly but believe me it's there. This is the perfect blush and highlight in one for Spring as it will just give your cheeks that healthy glow that we all aspire to.
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in "Giggly" (Another discontinued one, sorry people) - I just had to include this one too. This is a beautiful cool toned bubblegum pink with slightly plum undertones when swirled with the heart in the centre of the blush. Giggly is perfect for all you paler ladies out there as it will just perk your skin up and give you that lovely "pinched" look.
  • MAC Matte Blush in "Frankly Scarlet" - This one looks absolutely terrifying in the pan, it's red as red can be! But used with a light hand and a lovely fluffy brush, this can provide the perfect flushed shade. I wear this one a lot in Spring / Summer and it always makes me look really healthy.
  • Benefit Boxed Powder in "Bella Bamba" - Last but by no means least, this is my only watermelon toned pink. This also has definite shimmer to it, but again no chunky crazy fallout style glitter. Benefit claims that this blush "Brightens, Sculpts and Defines" - I'm not sure about all three, but it really does brighten your face and again because of the subtle sheen, it can also double as a soft highlighter.
That's it for my top Spring blush picks, I definitely break out the cream blushes more in the hotter months as I prefer a dewy finish when the sun is shining. Do you think there are any missing? I'm always keen to hear any recommendations from you lovely lot :) I've tried to pick a variety of shades from pinks to corals, but please do feel free to let me know if there's something you think is lacking.

Take care and love to all xox


  1. I love Bella Bamba! As much as I was a Coralista fan I love the pinkness of this, even my mum regularly comments on my "wee rosy cheeks" xo

    1. I'm such a bella bamba fan, it's just yummy :) I always loved a bit of dandelion or coralista, but this one beats them hands down xx

  2. Hi lovely, just seen your comment on my old blog sale post...I'm so sorry, the comments were somehow ending up in spam?! Anyway, I'm really sorry but I no longer have the other foundation :( xx

    1. Awww thanks for hunting me down and letting me know :) I'll just have to keep my eyes peeled for future blog sales.
      Thanks again hun xx