Friday, 4 May 2012

LOTD - MAC Patisserie - Wendy does nude .... yes, really :)

Well hey hey and hello there my gorgeous glitterati.

I'm about to do a beauty tag post, but I thought I'd quickly do a little lip of the day as I'm wearing something completely different for me today.

In a swap recently, I received MAC Patisserie lipstick, it's a lustre finish which means it has a beautiful sheer coverage with a glorious high shine.

This is what is looks like on me, I have swatched it on my hand too, but the colour on my lips looks much more true to life :

Ooooooo I love it so much and I really REALLY didn't think I would, it's nude for crying out loud - I'm all about the bold bright lips.

I know you guys hear this a million times, but this really is a "my lips but better" shade, it's a pinky nude so it doesn't wash me out at all, if anything it warms my entire face up.

What's your favourite nude shade? I'm keen to try out a few more now, the nude bug has well and truly bitten me :) I know I can't pull off very cool nudes, but I'm more than willing to try anything once!

Let me know your recommendations in the comment below pretty please and thank you.

Take care and MEGA love to all xox


  1. it looks beautiful on you! MAC High Tea is a gorgeous color and one of my faves. do you have that one?

    1. Ooooo no I haven't tried high tea *adds to my ever increasing list* lol my list is soooooo long!!
      Thank you Hunni I love it on me, I got pink popcorn today and I think I love it more xx