Thursday, 24 May 2012

Quick little catch up - Fur babies, MAC and Real techniques :)

Well howdy, hey hey and hello my gorgeous glitterati :)

I'm so sorry, it's been a week and I haven't popped in even to say hello, how rude am I!!!

I've got a few things to share with you lovely lot, but this is mainly just a catch up post to reassure you I'm still alive and kicking about, I've just been super busy.

First and foremost, I got 2 gorgeous new fur baby kittens:

Can we all say Awwwwwwwwwwww together. The tabby is called Ruby and the black kitty is called Millie.

I've had them for 2 weeks and they're just so adorable, I find myself speaking to them like you do a new baby, it's totally crazy. But needless to say they've been taking up loads and LOADS of my time, training them as best I can and playing with them non stop.

Other than that I've just been busy with work and stuff, which is majorly boring I know but unfortunately it is what it is :( I'm back now though and I promise I'll be continuing on in my "how to" series and Summer favourites too.

In the meantime here's a few swatches for the goodies I picked up from the MAC hey sailor and reel sexy collections:

Left to right we have:

Pro longwear bronzer in sun dipped - Fabulous smooth gorgeous bronzer, it's a much nicer texture and finish that the regular liner bronzer AND it's a matte finish which I just love.

Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade - LOVE with a capital L, there's no glitter to this at all, just a beautiful pearly sheen that really gives you that lit from within look we all crave.

Blush in Fleet Fast - Lovely warm peachy coral, quite subtle when on the cheeks, so perfect for a more natural Summer look.

Lipstick in Sail la vie - Ooooo so orange and coral all at once, I love it so very much. It's a satin finish and just looks gorgeous on, very much a holiday colour, I can't wait to take it away with me.

Lipstick in pink popcorn - Lustre finish gorgeous pinky purple, it looks a little scary swatched but trust me, it's fab when on the lips. I use this nearly every day for that hint of colour with a gorgeous sheen.

Ooooooo and I've also been playing with and loving my new real Techniques brushes:

I got the core collection, starter kit, powder brush and blusher brush.

They're all so soft and lovely to use, plus they wash really brilliantly without any shedding or the brush hairs losing shape.

I'll have a review on these babies coming up soon I promise.

Well that's it my lovelies, I just wanted to get a post up, sorry it's a bit rambly, but I had to let you know where I was at :) I hope you enjoyed the brief swatches and the pictures of my gorgeous Ruby and Millie (yes, they just HAD to be named after makeup).

Take care and love to all - I'll be back soon with more glittery goodness xxx


  1. awww i love your new fur babies!! and ruby is such a pretty name. my nieces named their tiny dog ruby. it's me and my nieces birthstone. ;)

    1. It's my birthstone too :) you must be a July baby like me then.

      They're too cute aren't they, I love getting home from work and seeing them waiting for me. Awwwwwww lol