Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Monthly favourites - May 2012

Hello there gorgeous glitterati :)

I thought I'd do a quick little monthly favourites as it's nearly the end of May ....... yes seriously, it's June in a few days, crazy times!!

I always enjoy monthly favourites posts and youtube videos, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and give it a bash.

I honestly don't have very much this month at all, I've been jumping between products all month long, but there have been a couple of things have remained constant and a couple of other things I've just really enjoyed in general.

Going from left to right we have the following yummy goodies:

1. MAC "O" lipstick - So not my usual thing at all. MAC describe this frost finish lipstick as purplish red with golden pearl. In the tube it looks bronze with a shimmer to it, but on the lips it really comes alive, the red undertones really shine through on the lips and it's definitely been my go to shade this month. Never judge a MAC lippie on first appearances :)

2. L'occitane hand creams - I have Fleur Cherie and Frangipani both in mini 30ml sizes. I LOVE this hand cream so very much. I have large tubes of it in my bedside drawer and little tubes in my handbag and various others scattered everywhere. It's super thick but not greasy and it just makes your hands feel super soft too. I've been loving this especially this month because I'm trying so hard to stop biting my nails so I'm slathering my hands in moisturiser to encourage the nail growth :)

3. Too Faced chocolate soleil bronzer in original chocolate. This is just an amazing bronzer, the first and most fickle reason for me loving it is because it smells like cocoa and vanilla, yummy chocolaty goodness. Other than that it's matte in finish, looks amazingly natural and stays put all day long. I've been faking the tan when we haven't had weather good enough to provide a natural one.

4. Illamasqua powder blush in Hussy. I honestly only bought this because I wanted the skinbase foundation and you got a blush for half price when you bought any foundation ...... well what a good choice this was. Hussy is the most divine pinky coral, it's matte finish too which I just adore, not all of us want our faces plastered in shimmer all the time. The formula on these blushes is incredible, so smooth and crazy pigmented in just once swipe, I think I may have started a little illamasqua love affair.

5. Barry M super soft eye crayon in 8 "Matt Turquoise." I use this primarily as a liner, even in my waterline and I've had no issues whatsoever. This is just the most stunning bright turquoise and it looks absolutely fantastic on the waterline for that pop of colour to really brighten up your eyes. Obviously these crayons can be used as shadow or bases, but they're so soft and pigmented, you can use them any way you so desire. Superdrug in the UK have these on 3 for 2 at the minute and I'm feeling the itch to grab some more shades.

My last favourite has got to be my gorgeous little fur babies Ruby and Millie. We've had them for nearly 4 weeks now and they're just getting cuter and cuter by the day.

What's not to love :) they're cute as buttons!!

Well that's it for my May monthly favourites, hopefully there will be more next month if I can stick to the same thing for more than a couple of days, I've been so fickle this month, chopping and changing my mind every day. I've been trying out lots of new things though, so hopefully that'll find me some lovely June favourites.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourites are this month? Anything I should be checking out that I haven't? You know me, I love a good beauty buy.

Take care and much love to all xox


  1. i love mac o lipstick too! it's a staple and one i seem to buy or use for my mac-to-back whenever i run out. AND... i too love the l'occitane hand creams!! it's like i wrote this post with you!! lol i keep one in my side drawer night table as well as my purse. crazy!! lol we are very much alike.

    i'll have my may products video soon. i'm making my list now of the good, bad and the ugly. ;) great post!!

    1. Lol we are very alike aren't we :)

      I've never tried the hibiscus flower hand cream, I'll have to hunt it down. I'm loving the cherie one at the minute, it's so light and fresh.

      Oooo looking forward to your favourites video already :) xx

  2. oh the hand cream i'm in love with is hibiscus flower!! it was a limited edition scent they had on QVC so i bought like 5 of them! lol i think whatever was left went into the stores. have you smelled that one? it's amazing and perfect for summer.

  3. The photo of the lipstick on you has totally sold it to me, I NEED it and the too faced bronzer sounds gorgeous! Though my favourite has to be the kitties, they are just too darn cute <3

    1. The bronzer is pretty amazing too, although I'm doing a bronzer post this weekend and I may have one better than this AND cheaper :)
      I love my fur babies, they're getting all big now though xx

  4. Ahh, cute kitties! Ahh, Illamasqua products!