Friday, 8 June 2012

MUA launches the "Undressed" palette.

Well hello there my gorgeous glitterati.

***Firstly I just need to apologise for the lack of pictures in this post - Blogger is playing up big time with me today, but hopefully you can get the gist without any piccies***

I just wanted to let you know some exciting news I've seen floating about in the land of blogging.

All you lovely UK lasses will have maybe heard of the cosmetic brand MUA (makeup academy), it's a brand sold in Superdrug which is famous for it's £1 price tag on all individual items.

Well I for one enjoy the occasional dabble into MUA, for £1 surely it's worth a shot - Their clear mascara (which I use as brow set), brow pencils and single eyeshadows are amazing for the money.

They also do a range of palettes, with 12 shades in each and these retail for £4 a pop, bargain!! Even better, they have just unveiled the newest palette in their collection which ranges from nudes to smokey neutrals and it's aptly titled "undressed" ............. Ummmmmmm bargain naked palette anyone.

Swatches can be found here on MUA's blog, check them out and I think you'll agree they look utterly amazing quality for the bargain price tag of £4.

This baby wasn't meant to be launched until July but I've spotted the palette for sale on their site now, click here to go straight to it.

If you've ever lusted after the Urban Decay naked palettes, but couldn't justify the price tags, I think this may just be the palette for you. All you lovely international ladies need not fret as MUA deliver worldwide directly from their site linked above, so feel free to browse and shop to your hearts content.

Have you got this palette yet, or anything else from MUA that you'd highly recommend for me to check out? Let me know in the comments below.

I'll be back over the weekend with my favourite bronzers for Summer, the pictures have been taken, I just need to write up the blog post to go with them :)

Take care and as always much love to all xox


  1. Thanks for the link Wendy, that palette has some fab colours and for £4.00 it is unbelieveable!

  2. It's a must have isn't it for £4!!! I've ordered mine already, can't wait to get my hands on it xx