Friday, 29 June 2012

Sigma Paris palette swatches and mini review.

Hey there gorgeous glitterati :)

How are we all? I hope you're doing fantastic and your Summer is decidedly more "Summer" like than mine! The weather here sucks, it's practically July for crying out loud.

One thing I do love about the Summer is my bibbly birthday, and I'm a big old 30 this year in a couple of weeks, scary biscuits!! My lovely other half has been buying me bits and pieces, but I only asked for one thing that wasn't a surprise and it was this - The Sigma Paris palette.

Sigma are an American brand who carry the most amazing brushes and have now started to do a range of eyeshadow palettes. Well last year they gathered together in Paris (lucky) 7 of the top YouTube makeup gurus to create a palette and this little baby was the outcome of all their work. Each YourTube guru was given a landmark in Paris to find inspiration from and create their own eyeshadow shade, then all 7 worked together to create a final eyeshadow, 2 blushes and a highlighter.

The first time I spied it was when one of my favourite YouTubers, makeupbytiffanyd showed it on her channel and I fell in love there and then. The palette costs $59 and can be found here there is a code live for $10 off the palette which is "TIFFANYD" and believe me when I say I think it's worth every penny.

Now on to the good stuff, yummy pictures and even more yummy swatches. Apologies, my pictures don't do full justice to this palette at all. Eyeshadows are one swipe of the product and no base:

Ok so left to right in the palette and on my arm, the 8 eyeshadows are as follows:

Eiffel - Matte black with multi coloured sparkles. Created by makeupbytiffanyD

Seine - Navy blue with a petrol blue shimmer. Created by all of the gurus collaboritively.

Louvre - Matte teal / sea green shade. Created by Petrilude.

Orsay - Stunning green with gold sparkles. Created by MacNC40

Elysees - Slightly purple tones brown. Created by Dulcecandy87

Notre Dame - The perfect metallic taupe. Created by xteener.

Triomphe - Duochrome shade, brown with green tinges depneding on how the light catches it. Created by frmheadtotoe.

Versailles - Beautiful white gold with gold shimmer. Created by Xsparkage.

Now for the blushes (heavily swatched) and highlight shade:

Left to right on my arms we have:

Rouge - Deep warm plum.

Peche - Soft apricot peach.

Lumiere (Individually in it's own picture) - I couldn't capture this well at all with my camera but it's a beautiful natural sheen, slightly champagne in colour but gives the perfect glow to your skin.

I LOVE IT :) I'm just so thrilled with this palette, the products are so buttery smooth and highly pigmented, I've had no fallout issues with the more sparkly shades and the staying power is second to none, although I do use an eyeshadow base pretty much every day anyway. The palette also comes with two Sigma brushes which are the F40 large angled contour brush and the E55 eye shading brush, I can't express how soft and lovely these brushes are, I want a whole kit now :)

I'm so glad I was allowed to play with this little beauty before my birthday as I've been using it nonstop since it arrived.

What do you think? Is it something you'd considering splurging on? It was created by YouTube gurus afterall, so I never for one second doubted the quality and it absolutely hasn't let me down at all. I can see myself using this palette so much, you can create such a number of different looks from natural to crazy bright with a pop of that gorgeous Orsay shade which is my favourite along with the Versailles shade which is perfect inner corner and browbone highlighter.

Let me know if you pick up this palette or if you have it already or even if you can think of some amazing looks to do with this and I'll give them a go, I love your feedback and your opinions are always more than welcome :)

Take care and mega love to you all xox

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