Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Quick little FOTD as I haven't done one in ages.

Hey there gorgeous glitterati :)

I thought I'd do a really quick FOTD post for you as I haven't done one in ages.

I'm going to keep it super simple, I'm just going to post the picture and list what I used - I went fairly neutral today, well for me anyway lol!! So here you have it:

Here's what I used to create the neutral (ish) look :)

Face: Clarins Ever Matte foundation in 109 Wheat, Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer in Medium, Boots 17 pressed powder in delicate beige and MAC pro longwear bronzer in sun dipped.

Eyes: MAC paint pot in lets skate as a base, MAC satin taupe all over my lid, Stila kitten blending out the edges, MAC added goodness fluid line used on top lash line and water line. Finished off with a generous coating of Soap and Glory thick and fast mascara.

Brows: Filled in lightly with Kate eyebrow pencil in BR-3, then finished off with Me Me Me Arch angel brushed through.

Cheeks: MAC fashion frenzy powder blush with a little MAC pink shock cream colour base underneath.

Lips: MAC sweetie lipstick all on it's lonesome.

And there you have it, that's the lot. Let me know what you think in the comments below pretty please, your critique and comments are ALWAYS welcomed here :)

Take care and much love to you all xox


  1. there's that pretty face! love the lippie and the glasses with the bling!

    do you use any kind of setting spray (like Fix+) to diffuse the matte-ness or is that how you prefer your makeup to look? i'd suggest adding in a cream highlighter and/or blush to wake up the skin a bit and bring in some glow to wake up the skin! xx

    1. That's the trouble with my skin Hunni, it's super oily, so if I don't look matte I look sweaty lol!!
      Would fix + actually work for me do you think? I avoid using cream based products unless I'm setting them with powder, the oiliness will just creep through :(
      I'll give fix + a go if you think it would actually be of any benefit to me xx

    2. how do mousse products do for you?

    3. Hmmm I've got on ok with mousse foundations in the past but not mousse blusher. No matter what I use on my face I have to set it with powder.
      On the up side, I won't get wrinkles until I'm super old, there is a silver lining to oily skin :)

  2. try the fix+ and see how it does for you. it's a nice refresher to help wake up the skin. it's not just a setting spray for the face! after you are done applying your foundation and concealer products, before blush/bronzer/etc., spray the fix+ and move on to your eyes. let the fix+ absorb and hang out. then go back and apply the rest of your face products. see how your skin does with it applied like that. play with the order of how you use it. i spray my face with it before i apply foundation, after i apply foundation and after i'm done with my makeup. lol

    i would also recommend using a matte-ifying primer under your makeup first so you don't feel stuck in a matte-face box. oily skin doesn't mean you can't have a dewy face!

    what other products have you tried? UD De-Slick? have you heard of pur-fekt brand? you can use it under and on top of makeup! mally makes a gel powder to help matte the skin without making it look powdery while maintaining a dewy finish! email me if you want to discuss more, baby!!

    1. I will try fix+ I was in MAC today and didn't pick it up but I definitely will next time.
      I do use a primer too, at the minute I'm using and loving Tarte's clean slate primer, it seems to be doing the job quite nicely, it's not perfect but it's not bad at all. I do try with the dewy look, but it just doesn't work on me, I've tried all manner of combinations and I just end up looking like an oily mess, maybe fix+ will change that :)
      I've tried de-slick too, it's ok I guess, not the amazing product I hoped for though.
      I'm replying to your email right now too :) so I'll ask the rest of my questions there, I'm already half way to an essay here lol.
      Speak soon chick xx