Thursday, 12 April 2012

NOTD - Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint in 327 Magnetic Burgundy.

2 posts in one day .............. What's going on, I'm officially on a roll.

Hey gorgeous glitterati, I just thought I'd do a quick post showing you my nails today, because I love them.

This is my first venture into the whole magnetic nail polish trend and I'm really loving it. 

I first saw Nails Inc release their magnetic polishes last year, then slowly but surely other brands have hopped onto the bandwagon. I don't know what I was waiting for really but as soon as I saw the Barry M versions, I had to have them.

In my local Superdrug, one of the girls that works there is referred to as my "Superdrug friend" and she's a total enabler!! Every time I walk into that store, she's got something new to show me and that's it, I'm sucked in and I buy it :) Well, last time I was in store a few weeks ago, she told me about these polishes that weren't released yet but they'd be in soon - She held one of each shade back for me bless her and I got my grubby little mitts on them today.

There are apparently going to be 4 shades released, I picked up 2 as they were the only ones available initially, the gorgeous shade I've used in the pictures above which is 327 Magnetic Burgundy and I also got 326 Magnetic Dark Silver which I'm dying to try now too.

These polishes come with the magnet attached on the top of the bottle, you don't have to buy it separately, there are different designs on each of the shades, but I decided to just let my first try be the simple diagonal lines.

I found this polish really easy to work with, you just apply one coat and let it dry, then apply another coat and immediately hold the magnet over your nail for 5 - 10 seconds and then pop your topcoat of choice on. I have to say, I'm really pleased with the effect, it's something a little bit different which I love. Fingers crossed they go on to bring out lots more shades, at £4.99 a pop you can't really go wrong.

Have you tried these or can you recommend any other magnetic polishes?

Take care and love to all xox


  1. Your Superdrug enabler sounds great!
    I tried the Nails inc Magnetic polish in 'Houses of Parliament' (purple & black) It's still my favourite but recently got 'Kensington Palace' (a gorgeous raspberry which looks pretty similar to your recent purchase. I know they're dear at £13 but I got mine using VIP 10% discount programme as well as a free gift.
    I've tried a lovely teal magnetic varnish from No.7 which was significantly cheaper @ £4 or £5 I think. The packaging was identical to Nails Inc (naughty!) but the effect wasn't quite as good. The NI seemed thicker/glossier & the shimmery gold was prettier.
    I am aching to try Nails Inc fishnet effect magnetic which has recently come out but think will have to wait 'til my birthday!
    Kath xxx

    1. Hey Kath :) I saw that fishnet polish and it's so tempting, I especially love the gold shade. It'll have to wait until my birthday too I imagine.
      I think the effect on these Barry M ones is pretty good for the price point though, well worth £4.99 in my book.
      My Superdrug friend is a star bless her :) its nice having someone who keeps stuff aside for me when it's new out, blatant enabler but hey it's worth it.
      Let me know if you get that fishnet polish and how you get on with it.
      Take care xxx

  2. The Nails Inc Fishnet one looks great, although it will be total let down if the colour isn't as vivid as the promos. I've bought the fishnet one as I have a tonne of other colours, have you seen the new Color Club ones? My local Sally's just got them in which is a huge surprise for the UK.

    1. Ooo no I haven't seem them but I've just googled them and they are really nice :) I'll have to hunt out my local Sally's too.
      Let me know what you think of the fishnet one, if it's as vivid as the picture I might I have to treat myself x

  3. i have two of the nails inc. magnetic polishes and love them. it's such a cool look. these barry m ones look so cool. wish we got barry m over here in the states. :(

    1. Well you know exactly where I am if you ever want to do a US / UK swap. I can think of loads i'd love to try too ;)
      Drop me an email if you're ever up for it x

    2. yes yes yes yes yes! i replied to you on my YT channel but i checked back here as well. man, i wish they'd have the option to email you follow up emails to the blogs you comment on! i can't remember everywhere i've been to go back and check! lol

  4. Not a magnetic lover but I'm intrigued by the dark blue with the union jack type magnet, however I was distracted by other polishes in TK Maxx and they won out lol xo

    1. Oooo what did you get in TK Maxx Steph? You should try these, they're fabby xx