Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Real Techniques brushes - They're mine WOOHOOO

Well hello there gorgeous glitterati.

I've FINALLY ordered some real Techniques brushes and I couldn't possibly be more excited if I tried.

Myself and my bestie have a core collection and starter set on the way to us courtesy of a lovely American friend of mine who has acquired them from Ulta for a lot cheaper than they are over here.

That's basically the whole point of this post :) I just can't wait to try them!!

These gorgeous brushes have been designed by Samantha Chapman from the amazing Pixiwoo sisters - If you don't know who they are, get your butt on youtube right this cotton tootin' second and check them out, you'll be hooked just like me.

The blogging / youtube world has been going crazy over these brushes for months on end now and I've just never bought into the hype for some silly reason. I've watched countless videos with these brushes being used and I just decided it was time to invest.

The brushes all have taklon bristles which is synthetic but ultra smooth, they are also colour coded which is super handy for me who can never find the brush I want at the right time.
The gold brushes are "flawless base", purple brushes are "enhanced eyes" and pink brushes are "perfect finish".

Have any of you tries these brushes, what do you think? Do you have any personal recommendations or unusual ways to use a certain brush? I'll of course be reviewing mine as soon as I've got them and had a play.

I can feel the beginning of a new love and I'm fairly certain I'll be needing the rest of this range in my life pretty soon.

Take care and love to all xox


  1. I've got the stippling brush and love it! It's great for applying foundation and also blends in blush really nicely. I've been wanting to by the kits for a long time now and think I'll just invest soon x

    1. I saw your fabby post on the stippling brush :) that's next on my list for sure along with the new fine liner brush.
      Let me know what you get xx

  2. Replies
    1. They're so soft, I've had a play with a diplay set in Boots once and I wanted them all then and there.
      I've always used ELF brushes and they've always done the job ok but I wanted to invest in something better without going crazy with Sigma or MAC brushes.
      What brushes do you use?

  3. which elf brushes do you use? the classic or studio? i have quite a few of the RT brushes and i love most of them! i should do a review on them. you are going to love them!

    1. Definitely the studio, they're awesome for the money :)I can't wait to get my hands on the real techniques brushes, I've heard good things about them x