Saturday, 14 January 2012

Surely everyone has a wish list ...............

Hey Everyone, me again. Two posts in one night, I'm on a roll!!

I just wanted to put a question to all you lovelies .... Do you have a wish list of beauty products you want to purchase in the future, or are you more of a buy everything you want then just wait until the next time you're out and buy more kinda gal?

I'm all about the wish lists, I love making lists anyway (weird huh lol) and I love the feeling of being able to finally afford to get something and cross it off my list.

I currently have so my things on my wish list, but I thought I'd share what some of them were and then as I get them I can cross them off my list and post a little review on each. Sounds fun right? .......... Or maybe it'll just act as an excuse for me to buy everything on my list :)

Here's my current list anyway :

  • MAC - Ruby Woo lipstick
  • MAC - Lickable lipstick
  • MAC - Frankly Scarlet blusher
  • Soap and Glory - Love at first blush
  • Soap and Glory - Solar powder
  • Tarte - Anything!!! I can't seem to find anywhere here in the UK that has this brand readily available. I'm very lucky to know some amazing American ladies, one has been kind enough to send me some Tarte bits and pieces before and we NEED this brand here.

That's it really for now, I was quite lucky to get a lot of what I wanted for Christmas, most of which I'll hopefully photograph and review soon.

I'd love to know what's on you wish list. Add you comments below and we can keep each other updated when we can cross things off.

Love to all xxx

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  1. Hi Wendy - lovin the blog ;)
    My wish list currenly consists of:

    - Illamasqua brow setting gel
    - The whole of MAC Naturally collection
    - Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallett
    - Bourjois rose elixir lip gloss

    Not much then ;)