Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance - My 4 purchases reviewed and swatched.

Well hey hey there yet again my gorgeous glitterati.

Today I thought I'd share with you something I've been super excited about for THE longest time. Lush cosmetics has been one of my favourite shops for so long now, I'm sucked in my the gorgeous aromas, bright hues and crazy friendly staff. I heard a rumour a while back that they were launching a makeup line and this of course sent me on a path of trying to find out anything I could and keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

For those of you that don't know the background of Lush, they used to be called "B" (B never to busy to be beautiful) before closing down at the end of 2009. Well B stocked a full makeup line and this was lost when the company was relaunched as Lush Cosmetics.

Recently Lush have been adding little tid bits to their line "hinting" at makeup, like their colour supplements which are intended to either replace or compliment your foundation.

Well July 2012 hit and along came Emotional Brilliance, consisting of 6 eyeshadows, 13 lipsticks, 11 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 1 loose powder, 1 bronzing skin tint and 1 highlighting skin tint.

I was instantly drawn to the colour, the vibrancy of the shades is just crazy, I'm like a moth to flame :)

I chose 4 colours blindly via the website based on what I thought I'd like rather than the whole "Emotional Brilliance" ethos (more on that later). I ordered 2 lipsticks (Passionate and Believe) and 2 eyeliners (Fantasy and calm), here's my one swipe swatches:

Calm eyeliner, Believe lipstick, Fantasy eyeliner and Passionate lipstick.

As you can see the colour payoff is outstanding, they are so pigmented and bright in just one swipe, perfect for colour mad me but maybe not so much for those who prefer a more muted look. There are a few neutral eye shades, but the lipsticks are pretty much all super bright, although I have discovered that they can be muted with a little clear lip balm and a tiny dab of the colour spread out.

Passionate lipstick is by far my favourite shade, such an intense blue based fuchsia pink, what's not to love for me :) Believe lipstick is more corally peach toned and would look amazing on a hot Summer's night (wishful thinking here eh'!!) with a tan. The lipsticks are smooth and creamy and glide on with the greatest of ease. They dry and almost "set" on my lips leaving colour behind that won't budge, I just add a little clear gloss when I want a shiny look, otherwise I just leave it as is and it will just last and last all day long, literally!!



Fantasy is my favourite eyeliner shade of the 2 I purchased, it's a gorgeous shimmery yellow gold and then Calm is a soft almost matte baby blue. These are also great, I have tried both on my upper lid and have had no issues with smearing or smudging, they honestly looked just as good at 7pm than when they were first applied at 7am.

I also have to comment on the bottles which I adore, they're not at all tacky when you see them in person, they are sturdy heavy glass bottles and they just make me feel like I'm in Chemistry class back at school. Here's a picture of the applicators:

As you can see the handles are pretty short, but it's honestly no issue at all, I actually found these eyeliners easier to apply that any other as the handles were so sturdy and easy to work with. The lipstick just have your traditional sponge tip applicator which I like anyway, so no issues there for me.

One other thing worth mentioning, in the package I received from lush, they included a little bag with extra applicators in. This is because the colours are actually marketed as multi use, you could use the Believe lipstick on your cheeks and eyes if you do desired, same goes for all the shades, though I can't imagine why  I'd want to have baby blue lips, but hey each to their own :)

Overall I'm impressed, Lush definitely hasn't let me down. the price point scared me at first, £14.50 a pop for the liners, shadows and lipsticks. Now I've sampled the goods, I want more and I'd be happy to pay £14.50 again, the quality is awesome and I can see one of these little bottles lasting a long long time.

If you do get a chance to go into a Lush store, go and have a play around with the shades and see what you think for yourself. The range has been launched alongside a "game" which involves spinning a colour wheel in store and letting your emotions that day draw you to your ideal shades - This is the whole Emotional Brilliance ethos I mentioned earlier. Honestly I think it sounds like fun, but it's not practical overall, you'll choose the shades that you WANT to wear, not based on how you're feeling inside at any given time of the day.

Let me know if you've picked anything up from this range and what you think, I'm still trying to decide what I want next, though I feel a nice bright red calling my name :)

Take care and I'll be back soon. Much love to all you lovely people, thank for reading and subscribing xox


  1. Hi there!!! The hues you've picked are just great!!!! Passionate is a gorgeous shade. Yesterday that I visited Lush, they told that one is actually their best selling lipstick, while the silver eye liner (Success) is their best selling e/l. The ones I got were 2 lipsticks: Decissive and Ambition, both reds... one is a blue based red and the other an orange based red. Thanks a lot for showing.

    1. Oooooo which one of your reds do you prefer? I'm definitely in the market for a red next.
      Passionate is gorgeous, it's just so pink and lovely, reminds me a little of MAC's girl about town.
      No problem, it's what I'm here for :) xx